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Sejal Budholiya - Square.jpg


Sejal is a dancer and mechanical engineer from Bengaluru in India, and the co-founder of Neysa, a performing-arts initiative aimed at young people from underprivileged backgrounds. Focusing on dance, the project collaborates with 15 organizations to reach more than 200 children. She also strives to improve their lives through engineering projects, which include: a modular rainwater harvesting system; a technique for filtering rainwater using corn cobs; and Gaia, a tool to ease the logistics of changing sanitary products during menstruation.


Agnieszka is a graphic design student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her practice applies visual communication skills to engage with social and environmental issues and support those with disabilities. Her project is a card game that helps players learn sign language and raises awareness of the issues faced by people with hearing impairments. As well as teaching sign language through play, the game also provides information about the everyday life of the Deaf.

Agnieszka Doczyska - Square B&W 1.jpg



Daniele Ficarra - Square B&W.jpg


Daniele is an Italian product designer and a recent graduate of Domus Academy in Milan. The focus of his professional practice is the translation of forms and behaviours from nature into objects to improve the lives of human beings. In his project, Daniele has used bioluminescent organisms to develop a sustainable light, which he calls ‘Aquo’. Aquo is portable and harnesses green energy from marine bacteria, which is liquid and therefore easily shaped.


Ghislain is a sustainability entrepreneur and activist based in Kigali. With a vision for a climate-resilient and waste-free world, he founded Wastezon, a clean-tech company that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide e-waste traceability, sorting, and collection services. So far over 400 tons of e-waste have been transacted on the Wastezon app. Through the Creatives for Our Future program, Ghislain has launched Kigali Green Gallery, a conservation art centre that aims to reconnect visitors with extinct and endangered species.

Ghislain Irakoze - square B&W.jpg



ShuzoMatsuhashi-portrait - website.jpg


Shuzo studied textile design in Tokyo, before relocating to Vienna, where he is now studying fashion design at the Angewandte. A practitioner of traditional skills such as weaving, dyeing, printing, and knitting, Shuzo has been inspired by the idea of mending to produce a fashion collection using worn-out clothes and recycled materials. His project is a reaction against our current mainstream culture, in which people do not wear clothes for a long time or repair them. Through his work, he wants to change that culture by showing the importance of craftsmanship in the fashion industry.


Yara is an Architect and studying a master’s degree in Bio-digital Architecture, which tackles the idea of Bio-learning and studying the integration of both design and function, applying this idea in different kind of architectural and urban projects.

Yara Portrait - square B&W.jpg


Osasumwen Obasogie - Square B&!.jpg



Osasumwen is a student and entrepreneur from Nigeria studying mechanical engineering at the country’s Landmark University. His project — Ina Vibe — is aimed at the 620 million Africans who lack access to electricity and must spend much of their earnings on kerosene lamps, which produce dim light that is harmful to the eyes. A lightweight, portable cooking burner and stove, Ina Vibe employs a thermo-electric generator to harness waste heat energy and generate clean, sustainable electricity.


Footwear and accessories designer Benjamin is a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design in the US state of Georgia and has a special interest in creating sustainable materials for the fashion industry to reduce the waste it creates. His project was developing a first official collection for his brand, Thomas Benjamin. Using the ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast’ (SCOBY) that is part of the production of kombucha tea, he was able to grow a textile with similar properties to leather.

Benjamin Spencer - Square B&W.jpg



Camila Wandemberg - square.jpg


Since her studies at California College of the Arts, fashion designer Camila has explored social interaction through garment design and research. The focus of Camila’s projects was different forms of sustainability in textile manufacture. To reduce water waste in dyeing, she worked with a designer to colour fabric with bacteria, using ancestral eco-friendly pigments. With a local university, she devised a scheme that encouraged schoolchildren from different backgrounds to explore emotions through art.


Our advocates are leaders in their field and represent the broadest range of creative disciplines from fashion and art to technology and science.


Nadja Swarovski
Swarovski Foundation 


Yves Béhar

Founder and CEO

of fuseproject

mimma portrait_1_portrait.jpg

Mimma Viglezio

Creative Consultant,

Editor and broadcaster


Anyango Mpinga
Fashion Designer
and Founder of Free As
A Human Foundation

Cyrill Gutsch - Founder of Parley for th

 Cyrill Gutsch

Founder of Parley for

the Oceans

Joseph Schwarzkopf - General Manager of


Joseph Schwarzkopf

General Manager of

Uribe & Schwarzkopf

Tosin Oshinowo - Architect &

Tosin Oshinowo

Architect & Designer


Christoph Thun-Hohenstein
Head of Vienna Biennale
For Change, Vienna


Yinka Shonibare




Tomo Koizumi

 Fashion Designer and Founder of Tomo Koizumi


 Rosanna Hu

Founding Partner

of Neri&Hu Design
and Research Office


 Teri Schwartz

Film Producer

& UCLA Professor


 Greg Lynn

CEO Piaggio Fast Forward & Greg Lynn FORM


 Christiane Arp
Chairwoman of Fashion
Council Germany


 Phillip Lim

Creative Director &

Co-Founder of 3.1 Phillip Lim


 Maria Cornejo

Founder and Creative Director of Zero + Maria Cornejo

Shaway Yeh.jpeg

 Shaway Yeh

Founder of yehyehyeh

Prabal Gurung - Website.jpg

 Prabal Gurgung

Designer and Founder of Shikshya Foundation Nepal

Craig Robins - website.jpg

Craig Robins

CEO and President of Dacra

Daniela V. Fernandez - website.jpeg

Daniela Fernandez

 Founder and CEO of the Sustainable Ocean Alliance

Kristine McDivitt Tompkins.jpg

Kristine Tompkins

President & Co-Founder of Tompkins Conservation

Lilli Hollein - website.jpg

Lilli Hollein

Director and Co-Founder of Vienna Design Week

Maya Penn.jpg

Maya Penn

Environmental Activist, Artist, Animator, Eco-Designer

Vivienne Becker - website.jpg

Vivienne Becker

Jewelry Historian, Journalist & Author

Yash Ranga - square.jpg

Yash Ranga
Conscious Luxury Evangelist, Advisor Jaipur Rugs Foundation and Director Strategy & Innovation PYXERA Global

_ALB1519 (1).jpeg

Fernanda Simon
Fashion Revolution Brasil's Executive director and sustainability editor at Vogue Brasil

Jonathan Baillie.jpg

Jonathan Baillie
President of Natural State

Lucie-Brigham BW.jpg

Lucie Brigham
Chief of Office, 
United Nations Office for Partnerships


The Swarovski Foundation Creatives for Our Future Impact report tells the story of a group of global innovators chosen to form the 2021 Creatives for Our Future cohort, their eight-month journey on the program, and the advocates who helped shape their ideas into inspirational models for a sustainable future.


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