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Obasogie is a Mechanical Engineer student at Landmark University. He is experienced in hardware and software design, theories of operation, system integration, installation and commissioning. He is passionate about leading sustainable product design projects. Notable projects include: Ina Vibe (Sustainability Project), S-Band Face Shields (Covid-19 Project). Certifications include: American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME IShow Alumni), 3D Pioneer Alumni (3DPC), Norelem Academy.

“Sustainability means clean, renewable and ecologically balanced. I'm concerned about energy as I believe that its the heart of the problem and energy systems worldwide should all be sustainable”


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Pitching at San Francisco, USA
Pitching at San Francisco, USA

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It is the humble beginnings that take us far in life. With Sejal's roots in a small rustic town in India, finding unconventional solutions to traditional obstacles has been her childhood inclination. As a child, she believed in the idea that anyone can be anything they want to be and believes inspiration knocks on your door in many forms, and it can strike you anytime.

Through the Creatives for Our Future program, he has responded to the issue of lack of electricity in some rural areas with his Ina Vibe project, developing an accessible and affordable electricity generator using renewable energy.

Ina'Vibe is a lightweight, portable hydrogen-powered cooking burner/stove with a thermoelectric generator that harnesses heat energy to generate sustainable, affordable and clean electricity. It is designed using an interdisciplinary synergy approach of both mechanical and electrical systems.


Ina'Vibe mainly supports the 7th sustainable goal of affordable and clean energy. It produces electricity in a clean and very sustainable way. It reduces the waste of energy lost to heat. It is also an alternative to kerosene lamps reducing the carbon footprint of families dependent on it for lighting.

Creative Practice
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Sustainability means clean, renewable and ecologically balanced. Obasogie is mostly concerned about energy as he believes that it is the heart of the problem and energy systems worldwide should all be sustainable.

Sustainable Development
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In the next five years we expect to achieve these major milestones:

  • Increased National impact for affordable and clean energy in the impoverished areas of Rural Nigeria.

  • Mass production of Ina Vibe within Nigeria

  • Ina Lite Business Site Acquisition

  • Development Sales/Distribution of over 10,000 units

  • Employment and Empowerment of over 50+ workers to achieve the sustainability goal

Positive Impact
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