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Mechanical Engineer, 24, Nigeria

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Osasumwen is a student and entrepreneur from Nigeria, currently studying mechanical engineering at the country’s Landmark University. His project — Ina'Vibe — is aimed at the 620 million Africans who lack access to electricity and must spend much of their earnings on kerosene lamps, which produce dim light that is harmful to the eyes. A lightweight, portable cooking burner and stove, Ina Vibe employs a thermo-electric generator to harness waste heat energy and generate clean, sustainable electricity.

“Sustainability means clean, renewable and ecologically balanced. I'm concerned about energy as I believe that its the heart of the problem and energy systems worldwide should all be sustainable”

Through an inbuilt USB connector, the 10-15 watts produced from Ina'Vibe can be used to power energy-saving light bulbs or charge small devices such as cell phones.

Through the Creatives for Our Future program, Osasumwen has responded to the issue of lack of electricity in some rural areas with his Ina'Vibe project, developing an accessible and affordable electricity generator using renewable energy.

Ina'Vibe is a lightweight, portable hydrogen-powered cooking burner/stove with a thermoelectric generator that harnesses heat energy to generate sustainable, affordable and clean electricity. It is designed using an interdisciplinary synergy approach of both mechanical and electrical systems.

"I was able to re-design a more functioning prototype of my product and do market testing thanks to the Creatives for Our Future program. The program’s focus on the sustainable development goals has encouraged me to create a more human-centric product. During one of the many memorable masterclasses, I learned about biomimicry. I was connected with a fantastic mentor, Greg Lynn, who taught me how a product can affect people's lives and help to build a sustainable community."

Creatives For Our Future
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Sustainability means clean, renewable and ecologically balanced. Obasogie is mostly concerned about energy as he believes that it is the heart of the problem and energy systems worldwide should all be sustainable.

"Ina'Vibe is primarily committed to the United Nations's 7th Sustainable Development Goal, which calls for affordable and clean energy. We need to change the methods we use to manufacture and use technology, because the rate at which we are depleting the earth's natural resources means there will be none left for future generations.”

Sustainability in the creative world

Ina’ Vibe aims to use waste heat energy to generate power for underprivileged areas of Africa, providing a long-term and realistic solution to their current lighting situation.


"We may not be able to light up the entire world, but we certainly be a light in our own continent. In the next five years I expect to achieve these major milestones:

  • Increase national impact for affordable and clean energy in the impoverished areas of rural Nigeria

  • Mass production of Ina’ Vibe within Nigeria

  • Ina Lite business site acquisition

  • Development sales/distribution of 10,000+ units

  • Employment and empowerment of over 50+ workers to achieve the sustainability goal"

Osasumwen's Goal
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