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The Swarovski Foundation
Creative for Our Future commitments

In assessing the applications for a grant, the Swarovski Foundation Creatives for Our Future commits to:
• treating Applicants with fairness and consistency;
• complying with all laws, regulations and Swarovski Foundation policies with respect to awarding grants of this nature, including those relating to bribery and corruption;
• selecting Creatives for Our Future Applicants based on the Swarovski Foundation’s governance processes; 
• respecting different cultures and backgrounds;
• being responsible, transparent and accountable in awarding the grant(s);
• not unlawfully discriminating against Creatives for Our Future Applicants; and
• avoiding actual or perceived conflicts of interest.  

Creatives for Our Future Applicant commitments

In making an application for the grant, the Creatives for Our Future Applicant:

• warrants that he/she/they are a human individual who has applied for the grant only on behalf of himself/herself/themselves and not for or in collaboration with any other person, organisation, government body or company (which is not 100% owned by the Applicant);
• warrants that prior to making the application for the grant, they have no direct affiliation with the Swarovski Foundation, a member of the Swarovski Executive Board, or the Swarovski Group and affiliated companies;
• shall ensure that they fully comply with all national laws applicable in the country where the Recipient lives with respect to grants of this nature; and
• warrants that they are not involved in and have no affiliation or connection with any business related to terrorist or criminal activity;

• agrees that they shall not do anything by act or omission which may bring the Swarovski Foundation or Creatives for Our Future into disrepute; and
• acknowledges that the decision of awarding the grant shall be made at the sole and absolute discretion of the Swarovski Foundation and that no expectation or right to the award of grant money has accrued to the Application under common law or equity.

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