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  1. The Creatives for our Future Program (the “Program”) is organized and promoted by the “Swarovski Foundation” (a charitable company registered in England and Wales with company registration number 08325666 and registered charity number 1153618, 1st Floor, Building 4 Chiswick Park, 566 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 5YE, United Kingdom). The Program offers an opportunity for young people aged between 21 – 30 years old also known as the “Cohort”. The Cohort consists of individuals identified as creative talent using various tool(s) and resource(s) to promote sustainability. The Cohort(s) receive financial and educational support to drive progress towards Sustainable Development. All entries must be received by the Swarovski Foundation between 11th May 2023 00:00am GMT and 27th June 2023 11:59pm. Entry is limited to one per person.



Applicants must be between the ages of 21 – 30 at the time of application and before the deadline for applications. The Program is open to residents of all countries. However, due to requirement of the applicants to travel to the United States as part of the programme, applicants must abide to United States entry requirements including but not limited to visa entry and full COVID-19 vaccination. Applicant exemptions are employees of the Swarovski Foundation, any of its subsidiaries, agents or any other business involved with the administration of this Program, or members of the households of such employees. Applicants must be resident in the country from which they submit their entry. Applicants must have a bank account in their name to receive the grant of 20,000 Euro or equivalent currency mutually agreed between the grant recipient and the Swarovski Foundation.


The Program

2. To enter the Program, applicants must complete the Creatives for our Future application form along with supportive documents online (, complete interview screening, attend educational sessions, travel to New York for the program event(s) between 10th - 14th September 2023 (dates are approximate and subject to change) and  deliver tangible outcome(s) including completion of a project or product within the milestones of the program.


3. Except in the event of negligence, fault or deliberate acts or omissions on the part of the Swarovski Foundation or its agents, the Swarovski Foundation does not accept responsibility for any entries lost, damaged, corrupted, delayed, quarantined, or not received by the Swarovski Foundation, whatever the cause; and the Swarovski Foundation is not responsible or liable for any technical, hardware, software, server, website, or other, failures or property damage of any kind.


4. When the Program requires applicants to submit a photograph, sound recording and/or video clip (“Media Content”), applicants warrant that they are the person in the Media Content and/or they have the rights over the Media Content and/or have prior consent from all persons in the Media Content to submit it as part of their entry. The Swarovski Foundation and Swarovski has the right to publish, broadcast, copy, edit and communicate to the public the Media Content in any media without restriction or limitation throughout the world and not only for the purposes of the Program. The Swarovski Foundation retains all rights, at its full discretion, to remove and delete any content from the Media Content that the Swarovski Foundation finds to be immoral, violent, of poor taste, contains elements that go against the Swarovski Foundation values or any other reason that the Swarovski Foundation, at its full discretion, may consider appropriate action to do so.


The Award

5. The award comprises of a 20,000 Euro grant or equivalent currency as described in the Eligibility section above, travel to New York (adherence to Swarovski Foundation travel terms and conditions), communication opportunities, educational program including but not limited to; mentor sessions, master classes and online materials. Maximum of one award per applicant and no additional or substitute award will be available.

The grant will be paid in 2 installments in the ratio of 75:25. The first 75% of the grant will be paid upon receipt of invoice when Program Offer Letter is returned to the Swarovski Foundation with the selected cohort’s signature and the 25% remainder of the grant will be paid upon submission of the project progress report.


6. In the event of applicant non-availability for award in its full entirety (inc grant, US travel and educational program) the Swarovski Foundation reserves the right to revoke award from the applicant. In the event of non-availability of the award for any reason, the Swarovski Foundation reserves the right to substitute the award with an award of a similar nature. No alternative will be available. The award is not transferable.



7. Winners will be selected from all valid entries received. The winners will not automatically be the first entries received by the Swarovski Foundation. The winners will be successful applicants whom completed Swarovski Foundation Creatives for Our Future application, advanced interview stage, able to travel to US for event(s) and deliver to program objective(s).  Entries remain the property of the Swarovski Foundation and will not be returned to applicants. The Swarovski Foundation as a UK charity follows UK governance, laws and the UK Equality Act 2010.


8. Judging of entries and selection of winners will take up to 12 weeks. Winners will be notified by email as soon as practicable within 2 weeks of selection of the winners. In the event that a winner does not wish to accept the award they must advise the Swarovski Foundation within 4 days of receiving notification of having won. If a winner rejects the award they will forfeit the award and no substitute or alternative will be available. Grant will be sent by wire transfer to applicant named bank account within 4 weeks of notification of winners. In the event that, due to the acts or omissions of winner(s), the Swarovski Foundation is unable to deliver the award to the winner, that winner will forfeit the award and no substitute or alternative will be available.


9. Except in the event of negligence, fault or deliberate acts or omissions on the part of the Swarovski Foundation or its agents, the Swarovski Foundation does not accept responsibility for any award lost, damaged, delayed, or not received by the winner, whatever the cause, and will not replace such award.


10. Winning applicants may be required to participate in advertising or promotional activity for the Swarovski Foundation and Swarovski, without payment. In addition, the Swarovski Foundation will have the right, at its absolute discretion and without payment or permission to the winner, to use the winners’ name, region of residence or likeness for the purposes of announcing the winner of the Program and for related promotional purposes.


Travel Terms and Conditions

11. In case the award comprises travel, and unless otherwise stated, the Swarovski Foundation travel program includes:


One round flight ticket per winner from nearest international airport; US entrant costs including visa and vaccinations; airport and/local transfers; hotel accommodation for 4 night(s) in single room; meals; travel expense reimbursement of maximum $300 for the whole trip and upon presentation of the relevant receipts (the Swarovski Foundation reserves the right to reject any expense that is unreasonable, unrelated to the purposes of the trip or in any manner against the principles and values of the Program).  


For the avoidance of doubt, travel does not include:

  • insurance. Although Swarovski Foundation provides a basic travel insurance coverage free of charge to the winners (see Appendix), it is recommended to take out all individually relevant insurance covers (including but not limited to health and travel insurance, insurance for theft, loss and damage to property) which may be required or prudent to obtain. It is the sole responsibility of each award winner to comply with all insurance obligations. A denial of coverage of the travel insurance provided via the Swarovski Foundation – for whatever reason – will not be compensated by the Swarovski Foundation.

  • airport departure or government taxes, spending money, airport transfers or other expenses. These must be paid by the award winner.


It is the responsibility of the award winner:

  • to ensure their ability to travel in the indicated dates provided by the Swarovski Foundation.

  • to ensure that they have a valid passport endorsed with all relevant visas, entry requirements and/or any other mandatory entry obligations and with expiry date no less than six (6) months following the proposed dates of travel or such other duration as may be required by any relevant regulation. These passports, and their holders, must not be subject to any restrictions on their rights to travel to and from the applicable country or countries. Passport control and in-country authorities may reserve the right to refuse entry to award winners and/or their travelling companions.

  • to check any travel advisories issued by their relevant government authorities and determine whether they wish to accept the risk of travelling to the destination.

  • to obtain any inoculation and comply with any health regulations required by any destination country.

  • to comply with the terms and limitations of airlines, other transport providers, and the venues involved in the provision of the award. In particular, applicants must comply with all health and safety guidelines and instructions and all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

  • To respect local laws and regulations applicable at the destination.


The Swarovski Foundation will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by any award winner that arises out of their failure to arrive at any destination or return home from any destination, nor will we have any obligation to substitute an alternative award, cash equivalent or other compensation where an award winner is unable to travel to any destination or fails to redeem an award for any reason.


Events Terms and Conditions


12. If the award for the Program involves the winner's attendance at (or tickets to) an event and/or includes "meet and greet" elements with celebrities, the award winner acknowledges that the Swarovski Foundation is not liable or responsible if any part of the event and/or “meet and greet” is cancelled, modified or rescheduled for any reason. The Swarovski Foundation shall be under no obligation to provide any cash or alternative tickets.


Publicity And Personal Information


13. The personal information supplied by applicants when entering the Program will be used in accordance with Swarovski’s Privacy Policy. It is a condition of entry the acceptance of Swarovski’s Privacy Policy. The Swarovski Foundation shall have the right to publish and/or broadcast the first and last name, home-town, character, likeness and voices of all applicants and winners.


14. Award winners may be required to participate in photo, recording, video and/or filming session(s), and therefore agree that the Swarovski Foundation has the rights to use the resulting publicity materials in any media and in any manner it sees fit. No fees shall be payable to any entrant in relation to the use of publicity materials.


Applicable Law, Place of Jurisdiction


15. All legal disputes resulting from or related to this Promotion shall be governed exclusively by the laws of England and Wales. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is excluded and shall not apply. The Parties agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


These Terms and Conditions

16. The Program instructions and these Terms and Conditions are available at, including the entry form, all of which form part of these Terms and Conditions. Applicants who do not comply with these Terms and Conditions, or who submit entries which are incomplete, incorrect, or fraudulent, will not be eligible to enter the Program. By submitting an entry, applicants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


17. In the event of obvious error in these Terms and Conditions; illegality; or circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Swarovski Foundation which prevent the administration of the Program, the Swarovski Foundation reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions or withdraw the Program. The Swarovski Foundation will not be liable for any form of loss or disappointment caused by same. In such circumstances the Swarovski Foundation will make all reasonable endeavours to advise applicants of any changes or withdrawal.


18. Applicants should retain a copy of these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions can also be viewed during the Program at and additional copies can be obtained by writing to the Swarovski Foundation at the address at the beginning of these Terms and Conditions.


19. Correspondence regarding the Program will be entered into only at the absolute discretion of the Swarovski Foundation. All enquiries regarding the Program to should be directed to the Swarovski Foundation’s address at the beginning of these Terms and Conditions.


20. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to, or shall be deemed to, establish any partnership, employment relationship, representation or joint venture between any of the parties, constitute any party the agent of another party, nor authorize any party to make or enter into any commitments for or on behalf of any other party, or to represent or act on behalf of the other party. Applicants will act as an independent individual in its own name and for its own account.

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